April Coffee Cup and coffee goodness confirmed

April 2008 coffee cupFinally, took a picture of my April coffee cup. I’m back to a big cup. This one holds about 14 oz. My March cup was smaller about 6 oz. which meant making far more frequent trips to the coffee pot. So, I decided to find another big cup. Of course, I’d cut down from a pot of coffee a day to about 1/2 a pot. Everyone keeps telling me how bad coffee is for one — stresses the system, makes you nervous, on and on and on…. I’m sure you’ve all hear the drill.

However, today I also came across a news article on BBC News and a similar article in Science Daily about a new study that shows that caffeine can offer some protection to the brain by helping reduce the permeability of the blood brain barrier. A quote from the article by Dr Jonathan Geiger of the University of North Dakota:

Caffeine is a safe and readily available drug and its ability to stabilize the blood brain barrier means it could have an important part to play in therapies against neurological disorders.

Seems to indicate that maybe drinking a moderate amount of coffee each day is a good thing. Of course in this study they gave one cup of coffee per day to rabbits. So how this will effectively apply to people is another nest of rabbits. I’ll hope my half a pot or about 2 1/2 large cups per day is not out of the question for protecting me from neurological disorders (especially the big scary one — Alzheimer’s).