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Finally some finished objects. I finished the William Street Socks that I started. And I finally wove in the ends on the Conwy Socks I’d made from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road. You can really see the difference between socks for keeping the toes warm without shoes in the house and those to be worn with shoes and on the go. Of course the Wm. Street socks are acrylic and the Conwy socks are wool so the warmth should be about the same due to the thickness but there’s something about bulky socks that just seem warmer when you’re in the house in stocking feet.

William Street Socks on the left — Conwy on the right. I know I’ve only got one of each on but I really did finish the other sock of each pair — honest, I did — no second sock syndrome this time.

William Street and Conwy Socks

For my next sock project, I’m working on the Honecomb Socks by Katie Himmelberg for the Fall Interweave Knits. Don’t they look nice and comfy — I think so too. I usually make my mother a pair of around the house socks/sleep in socks for cold nights (she’s in Maine) and these are going to be the pair (she also doesn’t have an Internet connection so no telling). I’m using the same Lion Brand Vanna White acrylic yarn.

Honeycomb Socks

Of course, I’m still working on the Kauni Cardigan — decided to make it an inch longer before doing the armhole decrease and pick up of steek stitches. Also, bought some yarn for Christmas gifts — more about that later.

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While mulling over the advisability of continuing my Kauni Cardigan (After a short test of sizing — see yesterday’s comments, it looks like a go), I started socks. The pattern is William Street Socks by Lisa Shroyer published by Interweave Knits magazine. The pattern, with lots of cables looked like a nice cuddly sock for those cold days. Knit from the toe up, it’s easy to try it on now and then while working on it. The toe was done using the Eastern wrap method and actually was easy to do. Previously, I’d made up something similar but this was the method I’d have used for toe up socks if I’d known it existed prior to this pattern naming and using it. Here’s a sock in process:

William Street Socks - top of foot

I love to go barefoot in the house. We’ve got engineered wood floors so all summer it’s nice and cool on the toes and makes it seem a bit cooler when it’s over 100 degrees outside. However, in winter it’s another story for the poor toes. My body temperature runs a bit lower than 98.6 so my feet get really, really cold — and I still like to be sans shoes. So, I make a lot of socks with heavier yarn. This pair is being knit with Vanna’s Choice in purple — a nice deep eggplant-purple. For purists, yes, I know this is 100% acrylic but the color is just beautiful and the stitch definition is very nice. I’ll have to remember to post again after they’ve been through the wash 20 or 30 times to report on the yarn’s lasting power.

William Street Socks - side of foot

I turned the heel last night and it looks a bit weird but it seems okay. I’ll try it on when I get a bit more done.

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