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Those of you who read my blog know that I’m a sucker for anything Jane Austen. I happened to stuble across this — new to me — movie of Austen’s Pride & Prejudice updated to modern times. It takes place in Utah and manages to keep true to all the character with a twist here and there in the plot. The link is to the full movie on Youtube.

Pride & Prejudice — Comedy, Romance full movie

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Got both issues up last night. Just need to polish the chrome and dust off the falcon and we’ll be ready to go.

Added a few movies that are now in theaters to the Movie columns this month.

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Managed to figure out what was wrong with the car to keep it from starting … water in the gas line.

However, that meant that I didn’t get my reviews all done for SFRevu so I’ve got to do them tomorrow. We did go live with the October issue but I’ll be adding more of my stuff tomorrow and did manage to proof a few more things today to go into the issue.

Monday the “official” announcements will go out but if you get a chance check out October but stay in touch because we’ll be covering ComicCon in New York this month with updates from our reporters attending the event.

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My computer has been slowing down to a near dead stop over the last few weeks. Booting up takes over a 1/2 hour most mornings and I have to wait minutes not seconds or even partial seconds for each command to execute including moving the cursor from one field to another — it driving me crazy. But the mail brought my new laptop today. I’m slowly getting it up and configured and files moved.

So…hopefully tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll do the last Readercon day (Sunday) report and then get back on schedule.

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Things are very busy and a bit confusing here at the house of chaos. I’ll try to do a post tomorrow…yeah, really…mumble, mumble…I’ll try at least.

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The zines go live on April 1st. Finally finished proofing everyone else’s work and need to go over all my stuff for the billionth time and finalize it and get Hyperion to proof it for me.

Meanwhile, I took a break and knitted on a sock for an hour this evening. Then dropped a stitch and had to unravel about 2 inches. I’m learning the Zen of deep breathing to calm myself down. I’m trying to learn to appreciate the Do-Over as a way of life. Hopefully this weekend, I’ll finally finish this sock.

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As usual, as we near the end of a month, I’m gearing up to get the ezines on line for the next. SFRevu and Gumshoe Review go live with new content on March 1st. It means days are a bit longer and with a bit more stress to add spice.

Meanwhile, I’m also trying to finish the first sock of the first kit of my Rocking Sock Club. This year I joined and the first kit convinced me that I made the right decision. When we receive a package, we’re asked to not post photos of our projects for 30 days. So, sometime during the first week of March, I’ll get some photos up.

Then there’s all the other little projects I’ve been trying to get to. I’ve cleared up my office (once the dining room) a bit. Had to, we’ve got to get all the tax stuff together.

Anyway, since I was clearing some things up anyway, I’ve started trying to use “lists” again. Just writing down what I need to do helps to get me thinking about what’s in the queue and how to arrange those jobs to get them done in a timely manner.

Now if I could only find about a billion more spoons or canned energy or a package of fibro-be-gone, I’d be all set. We’ve finally got the basement floor cleared enough to set up the Wii again. I plan to do something on it every other day until I don’t feel like a wet noodle afterwards. The docs keep telling me exercise will help me deal with the pain and give me more energy. I didn’t see that the last time, but I did lose weight and my arthritis was better, so it’s back to the Wii. But, I do wonder why they coded that little guy with so much attitude — that little appliance can be very snarky.

Oh, well, back to work.

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Just sleeping and napping mostly over the last couple of days. How is it that the flu/cold can just knock you out on one day and the next your fine and the day after you can barely move again.

I’ve got to get over this eventually, right?


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