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We made a typo on last night’s post that needs to be corrected.  The price for last year’s Reincarnations is $28.00 including shipping and handling, rather than the $23 which was specified in that post.  We’ve also updated the previous post to avoid any additional confusion.

But in addition to the the offerings previously listed, we have added yet one more option.  This year for $60, you can pre-order a special bundle including all three books, which will also be delivered to you at Capclave.

Last year, WSFA Press was resurrected to help celebrate Capclave 2009’s Guest of Honor Harry Turtledove. The book Reincarnations premiered at Capclave and sold well. We have very few of the signed and numbered volumes left in stock.

This year, WSFA Press is publishing two books: Fire Watch by Connie Willis and The Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod, by Jeff VanderMeer (with an afterwards by Ann VanderMeer–our 3rd Guest of Honor). Each book will be a limited signed and numbered edition of 500 copies, chosen to match the Capclave membership, which is being capped at 500 members. The books will be released at Capclave and only available to non-attendees after the convention.

WSFA Press Special Offer on Capclave Registration:
Included this year is the ability to pre-order WSFA Press’ two newest books, The Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod, by Jeff VanderMeer–

The Wizard Sarnod has lived in isolation on an island in the middle of a lake for centuries. But one day, the Nose of Memory arrives to destroy his calm by dredging up the past, and he must send three of his familiars to the subterranean Underhinds on a quest to find two people, long banished: his brother and a former lover. In the Underhinds, they will encounter living dirigibles, fire dragons, the Bloat Toad, unimaginable perils, and long-buried secrets . . . Based on Jack Vance’s Dying Earth series, The Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod is a longer and very different version of a story published in the Dozois-Martin edited Songs from the Dying Earth.

The Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod will be published by WSFA Press in 2010, and released at WSFA’s annual Capclave convention as a special 500-copy limited and signed hardcover edition, with an introduction by Jeff VanderMeer and an afterward by Ann VanderMeer.Designed by John Coulthart, a well-known British graphic artist, illustrator, author and designer, the book will be signed by Ann VanderMeer, Jeff VanderMeer, and John Coulthart. (Capclave special price: $20).

and Fire Watch by Connie Willis:

Fire Watch is a science-fiction story written in 1982 by Connie Willis, involving a time-traveling historian who goes back to The Blitz in London, to participate in the fire watch at St. Paul’s Cathedral. This story is in the same universe as Willis’ newly released novel Blackout and the upcoming October release, All Clear.

Fire Watch will be published by WSFA Press in 2010, and released at WSFA’s annual Capclave convention as a special 500-copy limited and signed hardcover edition, with an introduction by James Patrick Kelly, designed by John Coulthart, a well-known British graphic artist, illustrator, author and designer, and signed by all Willis, Kelly, and Coulthart. (Capclave special price: $20).

Both of these volumes will be premiering at Capclave, and now is your chance to reserve a copy for yourself. In addition, we are again offering a special deal on last year’s WSFA Press special book, Reincarnations, by Harry Turtledove. There are only a small number of these signed and numbered, limited-edition copies remaining. The special Capclave price includes $3.00 for shipping and handling (Total: $28), and this volume will be mailed to you now.

For those now registering to attend Capclave, the option to pre-order the two new WSFA Press books or a copy of last year’s book is listed on the registration form.

If you have already registered for Capclave 2010 and wish to pre-order a book, send email to to receive information on how to pre-order.

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0 comments   Comments regular readers of this blog will know, I’m a member of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA) and also one of the members of the publications committee that is responsible WSFA Press publications. So, I’m posting a plug for WSFA Press here (this is really needed since my basement is the storage area for WSFA Press–please, help me get my basement back).

At Capclave 2009 WSFA Press released it’s newest publication Reincarnations by Harry Turtledove with introduction and story notes by Sheila Williams. If you missed buying a copy at Capclave or didn’t attend Capclave, there are still books available:

Reincarnations by Harry Turtledove (signed hardcover, 2009)
Reincarnations by Harry Turtledove (trade hardcover)

The Washington Science Fiction Association’s WSFA Press is trying to clear out inventory to make room for planned future releases, and to scare up monies to further support Capclave, our annual convention, for future years. So we’re selling some of our older, limited edition publications. Available are:

The Edge of Things by Lewis Shiner (75 copies, signed hardcover; published 1991)
Home by the Sea by Pat Cadigan (50 copies, slipcased/signed hardcover, 1992)
Future Washington edited by Ernest Lilley (200 copies, trade papereback, 2005)
Future Washington edited by Ernest Lilley (40 copies, trade hardcover)

The Edges of ThingsFuture WashingtonHome by the SeaWSFA Press Historical set

They’re also offering “special sets (or bundles), representing a slice of WSFA Press history, comprised of five hardcovers, for just $100: The Edge of Things, Through Darkest Resnick with Gun and Camera by Mike Resnick (1990, unsigned), Home by the Sea, Future Washington, and Reincarnations.” (Only 5 bundles left as of 23 October 2009).

The books (individuals and sets/bundles) are available on a first-come first-served. WSFA Press is offering dealer discounts (for more information, contact Gayle Surrette or Paul Haggerty at or to purchase go to

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Capclave DodoWell we got a bit of a late start this morning having gotten in so late last night and then doing some of the things to the website, printing material and other odd jobs that needed to be done.

So, up and at the world this morning. We packed for the hotel. Finished loading the car with stuff for the SFRevu table. Checked that we had everything a couple of time and then took off. Traffic was terrible — it was raining. In most places rain isn’t really a problem for driving but with so many cars around her (DC area) the road get quite slick — but, even so 40 miles an hour on the Beltway was a bit slow even for here. Finally we arrived at the hotel and began unloading the car, only to find we’d forgotten the SFRevu sign for our table. But no way were we driving back home for this.

Before we’d even set up our table, I found that I was needed to sell Reincarnations next to the Registration table until another person arrived to take over. This was rather fun. I got to talk to people after they got their badges and made sure the people who were new to Capclave knew that there was a guide for new attendees explaining some of the activities available and some of the other items that were going on this weekend. I managed to sell two books. Then I got relieved and checked on Hyperion in the Dealers’ Room. I took over there so he could check into the hotel.

Once we had a room and could get rid of the rest of our stuff I thought I’d check out a few panels and see how things went. Instead, I managed to fill two positions on my Capclave 2010 committee. Then it was helping someone find the table they’d asked for to advertise their convention. Then it was taking over for Hyperion again so he could set up our network for a panel on LibraryThing and other online library/book sites. The SFRevu table got lots of browsers and many friends stopped by but we didn’t get another break until the room closed.

Then I ended up helping out at Registration, which had a huge line and needed to reopen for another couple of hours. I hadn’t worked registration before so this was quite a learning experience. Even better, an experienced person was on hand to answer/help with the difficult questions. I now have a better understanding of the process.

Finally, at about 9PM we managed to get away to go find dinner (which was really lunch as well). We just wanted something quick and spotted an Arby’s. On the way back to the hotel. We stopped at a light and heard some strange noises and turned off the heater so that we could hear better. There was a car in front of us and the one in front of that one hit the first car in the line in the rear. The driver got out to talk to the people in the car that hit her. They evidently cursed at her instead so she went to walk to the rear of their SUV to get their license number and they gunned it and rammed her car out into the intersection, where her empty, driverless car managed to miss two cars going through the intersection on a green light and hit a car waiting on the red. The SUV that rammed that car then drove off.

As surprised as I was by this I was just as surprised that the car in front of us just drove off as if nothing had happened. The woman was by this time a bit hysterical since her car was now in an accident and the people who caused it had driven off. We asked if we could help and offered to call 911. Before we could even complete the call the police arrived. We confirmed that she’d been rammed from behind and pushed through the intersection by a car that then drove off. She had only 3 numbers of the plate. Unfortunately, there was nothing else we could do.

I’m still appalled that anyone would do such a thing. Even more appalled, in a way, at the people who just drove off without even a thought to what had happened. The car in front of us who drove off would have had a clear view of the offending cars license plate and could have offered real police assistance. Whatever happened to good citizenship?

Anyway, finally back to the hotel. We checked on a few items to make sure everything was going smoothly and checked with the ConChair to make sure help wasn’t needed. Then we attended the 1984 party. We had a great time talking to a number of people gathering suggestions for Capclave 2010 and catching up with people we hadn’t seen since the last Capclave.

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed what’s missing in this Capclave report — panel overviews. Right. This year, I’m Vice Chair which means I get to help where needed by the Chair and jump in when necessary if the Chair is busy elsewhere among other things. So, if today is just a taste of what tomorrow will be like — actually coverage of panels and talks may be a bit thin. Maybe what I’ll really be reporting on this year is the behind the scenes running of a convention.

Anyway, it’s nearly 2 AM and I need to be up and ready to work the WSFA Press table tomorrow at 10 AM. So, I’m signing off for now.

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Reincarnations by Harry Turtledove coverThis has been under-wraps for awhile and we’ve finally got all the technical, or most of the technical, details of the WSFA Press website ironed out.

From WSFA Press:

WSFA Press is publishing a very special and limited new collection of Harry Turtledove short fiction, Reincarnations, containing six stories never-before-reprinted, an original story, story notes, and an introduction by Sheila Williams, the editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

Be one of the first people to own this amazing collection. There is a special rate for those who order early, so don’t miss your opportunity to own a copy. Go to the WSFA Press website: and order your copy today. Only 1000 hardcover copies will be offered for sale: 250 copies will specially signed & numbered by Harry Turtledove, the remaining 750 will not be signed – unless you come to Capclave and find Harry!

In case you’re wondering why I’m touting this book, it’s because I’m a member of WSFA, on this year’s Capclave committee, and Chair of next year’s (2010) Capclave, and on the Publications committee. I also worked on WSFA Press’ previous book, Future Washington, as copy editor and proofreader. But this time, I’m mostly an observer giving support to a great project.

A bit about WSFA Press:

From 1989 to 1992 WSFA Press published one book each year to honor the Guest of Honor of our annual convention. In 2005 WSFA Press was returned from suspended animation to produce the Future Washington anthology. And now in 2009, WSFA Press lives again, returning to its roots to publish Reincarnations by Harry Turtledove.

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