Gayle Surrette has been accused of being a Jill-of-all-trades.

I’m infinitely curious. I hardly ever manage to open a dictionary or encyclopedia (paper or online) without spending an inordinate amount of time following links to other things or being diverted by a new shiny idea, philosophy, technique, or whatever to learn about. Years ago, I made the mistake in thinking that education and schools were places where you went to lean new things that you didn’t yet know. To my disappointment, I found that what they really were, were places where you polished and smoothed the edges on what you already knew, and tried to avoid looking in other disciplines for similar or over-lapping lines of knowledge. Nevertheless, I managed to get a degree in psychology and a job as a computer programmer — thus introducing the concept of human user interfaces to geeks, management, and support staff as I ended up translating techie talk to English for the edification of those who were supposed to supervise or interface with the techs.

Having been an avid reader from a very early age, I also love books — the binding, the paper, the typography, writing of, writing about, editing, proofing, copyediting, and talking about…. So, when the chance came to work with Ernest Lilley on,, and — how could a girl resist. So, now with a tremendous pile of book needing to be read and several venues to talk about books, authors, and idea — she’s happily learning and learning and learning….

Did I also mention that I’m learning to spin fiber into yarn, improve my knitting skills and knowledge base, dust off rusty crochet skills, finish the quilts I started, and learn knitwear design principles?…The learning just never stops — and that keeps the mind active and engaged…or is it called spining?